Top 10 Best Online Executive MBA Programs 2013

Designed for busy mid-level and senior professionals, online executive MBAs are an excellent choice for those whose time commitments exclude them from traditional weekend-format EMBAs. Moreover, many online executive MBAs cost less than on-campus EMBAs, an added benefit for those concerned about ROI. Methodology for rankings includes best EMBA lists from the Financial Times, combined with reputation rankings for the overall schools themselves, as listed by BusinessWeek, US News and World Report and others.

Top-ranked Online Executive MBA Programs
1. Bellevue University Online Executive MBA
2. Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Online Executive MBA
3. Washington State University Online MBA

Ranking the Top Online Executive MBA Programs 2013

10. Colorado Technical University

Executive summary: This school brings its technical expertise into its online EMBA program, offering a curriculum that emphasizes innovation and decision-making, as well as ethics and operating in an international environment.

Tuition: $28,080 for the two-year program.

Unique features: The program combines a core curriculum with a choice of further concentrations based on industry verticals. There is also a focus on the idea of intrapreneurship, in which the mindset of an entrepreneur is placed into a larger organization. This EMBA produces ethical and rational leaders who know how to find opportunities in today’s marketplace.

9. California State University, Monterey Bay

Executive summary: California State University, Monterey Bay, or CSUMB for short, is a public state school located on the scenic Monterey Bay. Although online EMBA students aren’t necessarily situated by the ocean, they do benefit from a program focused on global business skills, leadership, technology and entrepreneurship.

Tuition: $40,800 for both years of the program.

Unique features: Students can start this no-GMAT-required EMBA at four specified times throughout the year. Guidance is offered on self-branding, establishing a network of fellow leaders and building the versatile skills needed to succeed in today’s world of business.

8. Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Saunders School of Business

Executive summary: This 15-month program may be accelerated, but it also offers students one-of-a-kind opportunities to collaborate in small groups and study internationally. The curriculum is based on real-life business situations and attracts students from around the world. Click for free info from this program.

Tuition: $62,500 for the full program.

Unique features: Instruction is conducted in small groups, with easy access to professors for collaboration and problem-solving help. Students do not need to complete the GMAT to get into this program, but they are required to attend a three-day introduction on campus, as well as an international trip.

7. West Virginia University

Executive summary: A well-known, research-oriented school with more than 30,000 on-campus students, West Virginia University offers a two-year online program that requires a mere four on-campus sessions, with an option to study abroad. GMAT scores are required for admission to this EMBA program.

Tuition: This online EMBA is still sensitive to residency, and costs $31,824 for West Virginia residents and $71,664 for non-residents.

Unique features: A strong focus on information technology gives students the computer skills they need in order to succeed in today’s business environment, which by its very nature is a high-technology proposition. Other foci include building skills in strategy, management, corporate finance, business law and some of the courses appropriate to a research institution, including managerial accounting and management science.

6. Georgia Southern University

Executive summary: Georgia Southern University, a large research university offering more than 100 courses of study, focuses on enabling managers to become innovators in all work environments, no matter how big or small the organization.

Tuition: $56,400 for the entire two-year program.

Unique features: Southern Georgia University has been offering online MBAs for ten years, so instructors are very experienced in the online format. Students only need to visit the campus three times, a nominal requirement for a large research university like this one. The online EMBA combines an interdisciplinary, entrepreneurial approach with global and real-life know-how.

5. Texas Southern University Jesse H. Jones School of Business

Executive summary: This medium-sized, historically diverse university boasts an EMBA program that prepares managers to face the unique challenges of today’s business environment, which exists in a fluctuating economy and on a global scale.

Tuition: $36,000 for the entire program.

Unique features: Texas Southern University offers two unique executive MBAs, one for general business and one with a specialization in energy finance, a good field for those who intend to become executives in energy companies. Both programs emphasize virtual teamwork and skills in leadership, strategy, decision-making and accountability.

4. University of Nevada, Reno

Executive summary: The University of Nevada, Reno is a large research university with world-class faculty and accomplishments in many different fields of study, from engineering to journalism. Online executive MBA program students benefit from this broad and global expertise remotely. In total, the university offers more than 200 online courses.

Tuition: $24,000 for the entire two-year program.

Unique features: Faculty share their real-life experience in online classes. The curriculum is focused on effectively addressing real-world business problems by harnessing theoretical knowledge. Additional foci included identifying and analyzing business problems, applying management expertise to discover solutions, even if they are out of the box.

3. Washington State University

Executive summary: Washington State University offers an executive MBA that emphasizes problem solving, an overall improvement in business skills and a focus on entrepreneurship and innovation.

Tuition: $50,000 for the entire two-year program.

Unique features: Washington State University is a highly ranked public university that is also one of the top research institutions in the United States. Although located at a distance, online EMBA students will have access to the vast, global resources that the university provides.

2. Howard University

Executive summary: Based in Washington, DC, Howard University is strongly focused on the global and diverse business marketplace, offering students an edge in today’s complex environment.

Tuition: Two-year tuition is approximately $50,000.

Unique features: Emphasizing innovation in problem-solving and deep knowledge of high-level strategy, the Howard University executive MBA builds well-rounded executives across industries. All applicants must have at least seven years of work experience, five of them as a manager or senior leader.

1. Purdue University Krannert School of Management

Executive summary: One of the best business schools in the country, Purdue University Krannert School of Management also offers an online EMBA, enabling students to earn a big-name degree remotely.

Tuition: $42,000 for the entire program.

Unique features: Krannert executive online MBA students are required to attend six two-week on-campus sessions, which, while it requires some travel, is not the load required by traditional EMBA programs. This EMBA program has a particularly strong focus on decision-making skills, with computer analytics used to support decisions. Strong study groups are formed, and with an excellent alumni network, students who pursue the Purdue EMBA will not regret it.

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