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Getting an MBA isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. If you’re considering and MBA, examine your professional interests and career goals, and make sure the MBA you choose is aligned. You should also consider time and location constraints. Are you willing to relocate to get your MBA? Will you be working a full-time job while you get your MBA? Fortunately, MBA degrees are offered in a variety of formats and professional concentrations. Here is a brief overview.

MBA Degree Concentrations

MBA in Finance – These programs prepare individuals for a career in the Financial Services industry.

MBA in Accounting – These programs are for individuals who want to work for top accounting firms, or pursue top accounting positions at their company.

MBA in Marketing – A degree held by many marketing directors and Chief Marketing officers, these programs focus on market segmentation, market analysis, pricing, and other topics relating to managing the marketing of products and services.

MBA in Information Technology – These programs are designed for individuals who are pursuing higher level management positions within an information technology department at a corporation or at a company in the technology sector.

MBA in Entrepreneurship – These programs are for individuals who are engaged in the world of entrepreneurship. They may be interested in starting up companies, launching or working at venture capital firms, and so on.

MBA in Global Business – These programs focus on international aspects of business.

MBA Program Formats

Online MBA – These provide the ultimate in flexibility, enabling participants to complete MBA coursework on their own schedule, in a location of their choosing.

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1. University of North Carolina Online MBA
2. California State University, Monterey Bay Online MBA
3. Drexel University Online MBA

Full time, campus based – This is the fastest way of getting your MBA, and many b-schools only offer the degree on campus.

Part time, campus based – These campus based programs cater to individuals who are unable to engage in their studies and coursework on a full-time basis. Many individuals in these programs hold full-time jobs.

Executive MBA – These intensive, campus based programs cater to upper level, working professionals. Most often, classes are scheduled over a 3-day weekend, so that course work can be completed with minimal impact on the student’s schedule at his or her job.

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