Types of Business Schools

What kinds of schools should you consider as you contemplate getting your MBA? Here are some of your options.

Online Schools – These provide the ultimate in flexibility. You can “attend” class wherever you are, as long as you have an Internet connection. Many of these b-schools also offer you the ability to complete the degree at your own pace, potentially over a number of years.

Top-ranked Featured Online Programs
1. Drexel University Online MBA
2. Quinnipiac University Online MBA
3. Strayer University Online MBA

Ivy League Schools – Ivy League b-schools are often among the highest ranked, but they also come with a steep price tag, with some costing as much as $150,000. Harvard Business School and Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania) are among the higher ranked Ivy League business schools.

State Schools – These can be an excellent choice for individuals on a budget. Many top-ranked business schools are at state supported schools offering discounted tuition to in-state residents.

Top Ranked B-Schools – These schools are known for high quality academics and a high rate of placement among graduates. Graduates from top ranked MBA schools are in high demand among employers.

Affordable, Accredited MBA Schools – This growing category of b-schools enable students to earn an MBA degree on a budget. Many of these offer the MBA degree online.

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