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The Evolution of the Business Man

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Businessmen (and women) have been around since the beginning of time. At Business MBA we decided to take take a look at some of the more vivid types of businessmen through history, all the way down to the modern businessman.

The Cave Businessman

Business skills: Surviving, hunting, gathering, not freezing to death.

Notable Figures: Fred Flinstone, the Geico Caveman.

The Neolithic Businessman

Business skills: Agriculture, ditch digging, sailing, construction, pottery

Notable figures: Mother Goddess (first known ceramic figurine.)

Classic Businessman

Business skills: Philosophy, democracy, athleticism, and an godlike qualities

Notable figures: Socrates, Hermes (Greek God of commerce)

Medieval Businessman

Business skills: Sword Fighting, Archery, Wizardry, Jesting, jousting, peasantry,

Notable Figures: King Arthur, Merlin

The Exploration Businessman

Business skills: Navigation, ship building, mercantilism, cartography, piracy.

Notable Figures: Christopher Columbus, Magellan.

The Renaissance Businessman

Business skills: Painting, playwriting, acting, architecture, inventing

Notable Figures: Shakespear, DaVinci

The Reformed Businessman

Business skills: Preaching, avoiding the plague, witchcraft, battling at sea

Notable Figures: Pocahontas, Queen Elizabeth,

The Enlightened Businessman

Business skills: Science, electricity, freedom, democracy, politicking

Notable figures: Benjamin Franklin, Marie Antoinette,

The Industrial Businessman

Business skills: Team work on Assembly Line, laying railroad tracks, mining

Notable Figures: Henry Ford, Rockefeller

The Roaring Businessman

Business skills: Bootlegging, borrowing money, partying at speakeasies

Notable Figures: Al Capone, Betty Boop

The Depressed Businessman

Business skills: Hopping trains, Circus Acts, Jack of all trades, New Deal roadwork

Notable Figures: FDR, George Gershwin

The Baby Booming Businessman

Business skills: Baby Making, Rocket science, Protesting, Rock 'n Roll

Notable Figures: Neil Armstrong, Janice Joplin, Richard Nixon.

The .com Businessman

Business skills: HTML, typing, email, finding cell service.

Notable figures: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs. Tim Berners-Lee

Today's Businessman

Highly educated: In Fall 2011, a record 19.7 million students attended US universities, an increase of 4.4million since fall 2000. A record breaking 873,000 are expected to get a Masters degree or higher in 2012.

Always connected: During downtime, 91 percent of employees check their smartphone every six to 12 minutes.

Completely Mobile: 3 of 5 workers say they do not need to be in the office anymore to be productive and The average mobile user works 240 hours a year longer than the workforce in general

Worldwide Networking: constantly scouring social networks for opportunities.

Environmentally aware and motivated:

  • Current administration has set goal to get 80% of electricity from clean energy by 2035.
  • Clean economy job growth 9.1%, traditional job growth 3.7%
  • Over 2.1 million hybrids sold.
  • $44,000 - Median Wage of Typical Clean Economy job
  • $38.616 - National Median Wage.

Health conscious:

  • In 2011, 87% expressed concern about the nutritional content of the food they eat
  • Seven out of ten say they have changed their eating habits in the past 3-5 years due to health concerns.
  • Most people (92 percent) find health and nutrition information important when searching for healthy foods at the grocery store.

Financial Tightening: due to recession, 2/3rd of today's workers working longer hours than in 2008, and 1/3rd have taken less vacation days.

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