MBA Skills and Competencies

mba skills and competencies

Choosing to pursue a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree will give you the MBA skills and competencies you need to step into a leading role in the business world. Completing the coursework required to obtain this degree will help you develop a number of professional competencies which are in demand in a number of work environments.

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General MBA Skills and Competencies

What MBA skills and competencies does an MBA grad bring to the table as a candidate for a new position or a promotion? Here are some examples of core skills which will capture the interest of an employer:

  • Adaptability
  • Analytical skills
  • Leadership
  • Problem solving ability
  • Teamwork
  • Time management

All of these professional competencies will help to put you near the top of the list for available positions in corporations, government departments and agencies. There are several other professional MBA skills and competencies which you will be able to add to your resume based on completing the course requirements for your degree.

MBA Skills and Competencies: Finance

Studying finance as part of an MBA program gives you an overview of accounting principles and helps you build your quantitative skills. You develop familiarity with financial management principles, which are at the core of any business venture. This part of the program teaches you how to view numerical data and interpret it appropriately.

MBA Skills and Competencies: Leadership

Effective leadership involves more than taking the wheel and steering the organization in a new direction. Good leaders have a vision and know how to share it with others. The leadership classes forming part of an MBA program look at how to set goals for an organization, as well as how to reach them in an ethical manner. You will come away from these courses with skills necessary to persuade other to do their part to help the organization reach its goals.

MBA Skills and Competencies: Operations

Understanding how a supply chain in business works as it applies to an organization involved in production will provide you with a base of knowledge of how different departments can work together to reach a goal. You develop the ability to work with people who are performing different functions in the organization, including those you are involved with directly and those working in other departments. This base of knowledge will give you the skills needed to plan and implement major projects.

MBA Skills and Competencies: Entrepreneurship

If you want to become an effective CEO at some point or provide good advice to the one you are working with, entrepreneurship courses can help pave the way. These classes allow you to develop your ability to effectively manage change in a number of business situations by being able to see the big picture as well as the steps involved in moving to a new model.

MBA Skills and Competencies: Strategy

The skills you will develop in strategy courses revolve around your ability to communicate effectively. You will learn how to gather information from others present it in an organized manner. This is where you develop strong listening skills, as well as the ability to interact with people working in different management functions.

Strategy courses give you the skills you need to approach complex issues confidently and appropriately. You will develop good judgment and project management skills. These classes allow you to practice creative approaches to business issues by giving you the opportunity to assess the situation carefully and come up with a solution that addresses the issues in a way that makes good business sense.

MBA Skills and Competencies: Globalization

Modern technology has served to make the world a much smaller place, with more companies operating on a global scale or doing business with overseas suppliers and/or customers. Taking globalization courses serves to help students develop an appreciation for different approaches to branding and managing human resources in multiple locations. These courses help you to develop flexibility in tackling issues you will be working on after graduation.

MBA Skills and Competencies: Technology

Building on your existing knowledge of modern technology, the MBA program gives students the skills they need to manage IT projects, lead teams and make decisions effectively. The coursework involved in these classes also assists with developing skills required to manage relationships with customers, service providers and vendors alike.

Are You Ready to Gain MBA Skills and Competencies?

The MBA program is about a lot more than learning about how modern businesses run. The classes are designed to help participants build on their existing skill set and develop abilities which will help the take their place as leaders in a variety of business settings. By choosing this post-secondary area of study, you will be able to present yourself as a candidate who has the professional MBA skills and competencies required for success in business.

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