Lehigh University Online MBA

Lehigh University is a high ranking, world-renown educational institution, offering candidates for the Lehigh University Online MBA degree the opportunity to expand knowledge within some of the most innovative programs available through on-campus and online programs.

Lehigh University Online MBA

Established during 1865 by Asa Packer, Lehigh is located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and operates as a private, coeducational university. Lehigh’s MBA programs are lead by the world’s top scholars and innovators and highly ranked at national and regional levels. Students who pursue their MBA by attending on-campus programs gain knowledge within the Phillip Rauch Center, a world renown facility complete with faculty committed to research, service, and academic excellence.

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Students who pursue n Lehigh University Online MBA program participate in Lehigh’s Classroom LIVE. The program is a web based, integrated, virtual learning program which provides instruction beyond campus grounds. The program features an asynchronous online format, flexible scheduling, and accessibility to students from any location with an internet connection. Lehigh offers students a global curriculum which is rigorous, innovative, intensive, and challenging. Lehigh’s commitment to excellence, an understanding of the business value chain, means of creating a sustainable competitive advantage, and the cultivation of analytical decision making abilities qualify MBA candidates with the skills they need to perform effectively in a rapidly changing industry.

Lehigh University Online MBA – Ranking

BusinessMBA.org’s Best Online MBA (#2 – 2012 Ranking)

Lehigh University Online MBA – Admission

Admission into the Lehigh University Online MBA program requires careful preparation and presentation of a student’s skills, experiences, and dedication to career goals. The application process to gain entry into Lehigh’s MBA program involves:

– Completion of the application form
– Payment of the $250 Application Fee (or $1,000 for international applicants)
– Completion of essay
– Submission of official transcripts from all educational institutes attended
– Submission of GMAT and/or GRE scores
– Submission of 2 letters of recommendation
– Financial Aid information
– TOEFL score submission for international students
– Interview (optional)
– MBA orientation after acceptance
– 2 years of professional work experience

Lehigh University Online MBA – Tuition

Tuition at Lehigh is structured within a per credit hour system and applies to nternational, domestic, full time, and part time students. Tuition costs for the Lehigh University Online MBA are as follows:

MBA Program $840.00
Non Degree Program $840.00 (plus a $100.00 access fee for each online course)
Dual MBA and Engineering Program $840
Dual MBA and Educational Leadership Program $605.00

Lehigh University Online MBA – Financial Aid

Students admitted into the Lehigh University Online MBA program may qualify for loans, work study programs, scholarships, and other forms of financial aid upon meeting qualification guidelines. Graduate students may be eligible for:

– Federal Direct Stafford loans
– Direct Plus Loans For Graduate Students
– Private or Alternative Loans
– Addison Gibson Foundation Loans
– Demonstration of Energy-Efficient Developments (DEED) Program
– Department Of Energy – Computational Science Graduate Fellowship
– Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration Stewardship Science Graduate Fellowship
– Eldred WWII Museum Scholarship
– Hispanic Scholarship Fund Scholarship Programs
– Institute for Humane Studies Scholarship
– Marian J. Wettrick Charitable Foundation Grant
– Philanthropic and Educational Organization (P.E.O.)
– The Education Loan Fund
– Sallie Mae Fund Scholarship Programs
– ScholarshipExperts.com Scholarships
– United Negro College Fund

Lehigh University Online MBA – Program Offerings

Lehigh University Online MBA programs are based in an integrative experience, strategic management, problem solving, case analysis, and real world business experiences. Lehigh values each individual students’ experiences, skills, and knowledge with diverse classes led by dedicated professors. Lehigh’s MBA programs feature core courses like: introduction to the organization and its environment, managing financial and physical resources, managing information, managing products and services, managing people, and integrative experience, as well as electives based upon area/s of speciality. MBA students may complete studies in general MBA programs or select concentration/s best suited to their career and professional aspirations. Lehigh’s MBA programs are accredited by the Association To Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) International. Offered through the College of Business and Economics, MBA students participate in a rigorous curriculum and must achieve a minimum of a 3.0 and all required courses in 6 years to remain in the program. MBA students may concentrate studies within marketing, finance, corporate entrepreneurship, project management, international business, or supply chain management specializations.

Lehigh University Online MBA – Concentrations

MBA students tailor their degree based upon their specific career goals and may choose from a number of educational options to ensure their education meets their individual needs. MBA specializations at Lehigh include: marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, international business, supply chain management, and project management.

Marketing Concentration

Marketing concentrations increase knowledge in global strategies, branding methods, and sustainable competitive advantages. Courses include: E-commerce and marketing strategy, strategic marketing management, pharmaceutical marketing, business to business management, creating breakthrough innovations, marketing research and analysis, marketing communications strategies, strategic brand management, strategies for services marketing, global marketing strategies, skills and abilities for effective leadership of teams, planning resources, communication, quality and risk management, and project management.

Finance Concentration

Lehigh University Online MBA Finance programs help students lead businesses through a combination of analytical techniques of internal and external financial management factors. Courses include: financial management, financial statement analysis, investments, advanced topics in financial management, financial markets and institutions, international financial management, corporate governance and business, advanced investments, derivatives and risk management, real estate finance and investing, financial markets and institutions, and international business.

Entrepreneurship Concentration

Lehigh’s VENTUREseries program concentration in entrepreneurship focuses on creating new commercial enterprises and means of advancing businesses in a global market. Courses include: anatomy of entrepreneurship: start ups and established companies; market opportunity: targeting strategies and selling tactics; performing a business enterprise audit: developing an industry perspective; the new venture organization: management, design, and governance; financial forecasting: developing pro forma; financial statements; financing start-ups: seeking outside venture capital; business plan I: strategic considerations; business plan II: operating strategies & implementation; intellectual property: management and valuation; process & infrastructure: creating production & delivery; establishing credit facilities: asset based & cash flow financing; developing exit strategies: concepts & approaches; integrative experience/new venture internship; and finance.

International Business Concentration

International business programs instill knowledge of foreign economies, culture, customs, and currencies, as well as the legal issues, risks, opportunities, and marketing techniques in multinational and international companies. Courses include: international financial management, global marketing strategies, globalization and management of technology, leadership in a dynamic global environment, doing business in Europe: international experience in France, international economic development, international trade theory, international monetary economics, and marketing.

Supply Chain Management Concentration

Lehigh’s supply chain management program analyze case studies, understand supply chain factors, and acquire industry methods of operations necessary for success. Courses within the supply chain management concentration include: strategic supply management, transportation and logistics management, business to business marketing, negotiation, E-business enterprise applications, survey of project management, international supply chain management, product design and analysis, and a field project to apply course theories in hands on experiences.

Project Management Concentration

The Lehigh University Online MBA program also offers students the option to complete a project management certificate program to strengthen management, leadership, and organization skills. Lehigh’s project management program provides students with the ability to cultivate the vision and scope of lead projects within organizations necessary to ensure the maximum benefits are achieved. The program is accredited by the Project Management Institute and features courses like: course framework and project leader assessment; skills and abilities for effective leadership of teams; initiating the project and planning scope and schedule; planning resources, communication, quality and risk management; project leader communications expertise and evaluating team performance; implementing and managing projects; controlling performance and assessing outcomes; problem solving, decision making, and ethics; and supply chain management.

Dual MBA Degree Programs

Lehigh University Online MBA program also offers students the option to complete studies within dual MBA degree programs in engineering or educational leadership. Students who complete their undergraduate degree within an engineering program may advance to specialized studies combining innovative engineering and business courses. The Business Administration and Engineering program provides students with a solid knowledge of both fields and includes specializations in the following engineering fields : chemical, civil, computer science, electrical, environmental, industrial, manufacturing systems, materials science, mechanical, or polymer science. MBA candidates may also enroll in the Master’s of Business and Education dual degree program to gain a strong foundation in the field of instructional supervision and knowledge regarding the educational system. Students gain the abilities necessary to advance to employment as school administrators, business managers, and other professionals managing financial and human resources while providing educational leadership.

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