Carnegie Mellon Distance Learning MBA

Students in the Carnegie Mellon Distance Learning MBA program have the opportunity to achieve personal and educational goals within one of the highest ranking business schools in the U.S. through full or part time studies.

Carnegie Mellon Distance Learning MBA

Carnegie Mellon Distance Learning MBA Tepper School of Business

MBA candidates gain knowledge within a unique, well blended learning environment from a world renown institution. Carnegie Mellon features the Tepper School of Business, one of the top ranked business schools in the U.S. and worldwide. Established during 1949 by William Larimer Mellon, Sr., Tepper provides cross disciplinary studies through on-campus or “borderless” online programs. Tepper’s programs focus upon increasing leadership skills, knowledge, and tools, necessary for future employment in the increasingly complex, global business market.

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Carnegie Mellon Distance Learning MBA – Ranking’s Best Online MBA (#1 – 2012 Ranking)

Carnegie Mellon Distance Learning MBA – Admission

Admissions Requirements include the following.

– Submitting an application form (available online)
– Completing four required essays
– Submitting unofficial transcripts of all academic work (with official transcripts required upon admission)
– Submitting two letters of recommendation
– Submitting official GMAT and GRE scores as well as TOEFL, IELTS, and PTE scores for applicants who speak English as a second language
– Submitting a current resume which includes all employment since high school
– Payment for the $100 non-refundable application fee
– Financial aid information

Carnegie Mellon Distance Learning MBA- Tuition

Student budget estimates include:

Tuition: $28,512 ($594.00 Per Unit inclusive of University fees for entire length of Online MBA Program)

Books and supplies: $1,300

Notebook Computer: $2000

Transportation: $1,400

Insurance: $1,000

Miscellaneous Fees: $1,500

 Carnegie Mellon Distance Learning MBA – Financial Aid

Students who qualify for financial aid may apply for:
– MBA Dean’s Scholarships
– MBA and MSCF Merit Scholarships
– Tepper School Teach For America/AmeriCorps Scholarship
– Incoming Student Fellowships
– TMS Monthly Payment Plans
– Federal Direct Loans
– Federal Perkins Loans
– Alternative/Private Loans

Carnegie Mellon Distance Learning MBA – Concentrations

Concentrations within the Carnegie Mellon Distance Learning MBA provide instruction offered by some of the world’s most accomplished professors and the ability to specialize training based upon each students interest and career goals. The following concentrations are available to MBA candidates.

Marketing Concentration

A concentration in marketing is based upon technology, product design and development, data mining, management, buyer behavior, and business to business strategy. Graduates advance to employment increasing competitive success through analytical decisions, strong leadership, with knowledge of product marketing, segmentation, market entry planning, communications management, channel distribution and management, pricing/sales forecasting, and marketing research.

Accounting Concentration

Carnegie Mellon Distance Learning MBA candidates who concentrate in accounting learn all aspects of momentum accounting and momentum/impulse, global accounting, composite currency, quantum accounting and quantum information, accounting research, and corporate financial reporting. Graduates gain the decision making, leadership, ethical, and technological skills necessary to managing assets, compensation, and other financial aspects of organizations.

Economics Concentration

A concentration in economics combines an extensive understanding international markets, worldwide economic factors, and societal dynamics. Carnegie Mellon Distance Learning MBA students gain an understanding of public and private economic sectors with courses based in capitalism, macroeconomics, global economics, monetary systems, and the legal implications of economics in business and society.

Entrepreneurship Concentration

Entrepreneurship specializations offer students core management skills and means of improving leadership abilities through courses in venture capital strategies, market entry plans, corporate consulting, and other studies. Graduates gain skills necessary for professional success through the combination of classroom studies and work experiences within one of the world’s best facilities.

Finance Concentration

Understanding the analytical and quantitative methods of the business industry requires specialized courses in international finance, economic research, corporate finance, and financial management. Graduates who specialize studies in finance are knowledgeable in all aspects of money management, corporate finance, consulting, and brokering aspects of financial institutions, treasury departments, brokerage firms, and other businesses.

International Business Management Concentration

Tepper’s international business program provides students with an international perspective based upon a diverse student body comprised of up to 35% students from 24 international countries. Courses include: international business management, international finance, international accounting, cross cultural management and ethics, and other courses focused upon expanding students skills to improve leadership and decision making skills necessary to handle the issues and problems of global businesses.

Communications Concentration

Carnegie Mellon Distance Learning MBA students who specialize in communications develop skills strenthening writing, language, and presentation abilities necessary to influence thinking, present messages to target audiences, and maximize efficient modes of communication. Communications programs consist of courses like: strategic planning, negotiation and document design, management consulting, professional writing, multimedia, document design, cross team collaboration, and corporate communication strategies.

Information Systems Concentration

An information systems specialization offers students an understanding of all aspects of global financial conditions, information networking disciplines, and emerging trends and technologies. Courses based in information technology, business, and finance allow graduates to advance as professionals in the dynamic, quickly changing technology and business industries.

Operations Research Concentration

An operations research MBA concentration provides students with the tools and skills necessary to handle and address management problems within organizations. Courses based in statistics, decision analysis, mathematical modeling, optimization, probability theory, queuing theory, graph theory, game theory, and mathematical simulation strengthen decision making skills and increase knowledge required to handle integer programming, combinatorial optimization, projection and lifting, logistics and facility planning and location.

Organizational Behavior Concentration

Tepper pioneered the field of organizational behavior during the 1960s. As one of the first schools to research and disseminate knowledge of the field of behavior science and organizational behavior, the program has grown to become one of the most prominent in the world. Courses focus upon group behavior, negotiation and conflict management, organizational learning, and organizational management to increase MBA candidates’ skills, ability, and knowledge. Graduates from the program gain an expanded understanding of the models and techniques necessary to strengthen corporate leadership and address the challenges organizations face as they successfully thrive in the industry.

Strategy Concentration

Students enrolled in a strategy specialization gain the skills necessary to formulate and execute strategies necessary to increase competitive advantages in the business industry. Tepper’s strategy program offers knowledge regarding methods of sustaining a competitive advantage, methods of generating value for shareholders and clients, methods of understanding and exposing operating environments, and means of assessing and managing risks and opportunities based upon business dynamics, industry attractiveness, and competitive standing.

Operations Management Concentration

Tepper’s operations management program provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand the complexity of operations management and the competitive nature of industry manufacturing and research. Students gain an understanding of simulation modeling, manufacturing systems, logistics, quality design and analysis, strategic performance drivers, and other means of managing a business in a global market.

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